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Friday, January 6, 2012

Crystal Fighthers - At Home

I always enjoyed watching skateboarding videos. They were not only entertaining and mesmerizing but they were also such a great source for finding awesome new music. And having grown up in the same town as the CKY/Jackass guys and watching all those CKY movies just made skateboarding videos even more popular among me and my friends. Yesterday David Dallas posted this sweet video of Lem Villemin entitled "Cliche" and it featured this track from Crystal Fighters that has been stuck in my head ever since. This Electro-Punk English/Spanish band out of Navarro Spain has such a smooth sound to them that they make the skateboarding in this video seem like poetry in motion. "At Home" came out earlier this year and is off their Star Of Love album. Check out this track along with an amazing acoustic version of this song that I also came across as well as the skateboarding video that started it all below.

At Home by Crystal Fighters

Crystal Fighters - At Home (Acoustic) by Crystal Fighters

Star of Love (Acoustic Bonus Track Version) - Crystal Fighters

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