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Monday, October 22, 2012

The Death Set - Negative Thinking (Chromebook Commercial)

This commercial woke me up the other day at 5 in the morning when I fell asleep with the TV on. I wasn't able to see what the commercial was for since I'm blind as a bat, but I assumed from the fast flickering pictures and the catchy tune that it had to be a new apple commercial. Well after a few days of searching I was ready to all but give up until I just saw it again. And lo and behold it's not an apple commercial for the new macbook pro like I thought, but it's a new commercial for the google chromebook entitled "For Everyone" that features this amazingly catchy tune. So what's the song in the chromebook commercial? None other than Australian punk rockers The Death Set and their head spinningly fast anthem "Negative Thinking" off of their 2008 album Worldwide. Check it out below and get ready for this one to be stuck in your head for days...

3 Negative Thinking by The Death Set

Worldwide - The Death Set


  1. These guys are THE MOST FUN to see live.
    Been a fan since their 2008 SXSW show at Emo's.
    "Negative Thinking" is the first song I heard, which prompted me to make the show. Been a fan ever since.

    1. Made me a fan after only hearing 30 seconds of it!