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Friday, November 30, 2012

Danger Mouse - The Grey Album (Re-Mastered) Free Download

If you are a fan of mash ups then it is pretty much a certainty that you are familiar with Danger Mouse and The Grey Album. The album, which was created in 2004, took the vocals from Jay-Z's The Black Album combined with samples of beats influenced from The Beatles The White Album and turned them into a magical mystery that had music fans everywhere buzzing. The result undoubtedly launched the career of Brian Burton, aka Danger Mouse, and more importantly was the beginning of the mash up era as we know it today. Yet, as critically acclaimed as the album was, there always seemed to be one thing that could use a little tweaking and that was the audio quality of the cd itself. No worries now though because sound engineer John Stewart (no not that John Stewart) felt exactly the same way and decided to put his skills to work. Now what we have is a crisp and refined version of a cult classic that won't pierce your eardrums when you have the treble turned up just a bit too high. And even better, the remastered Grey Album is available to download for free through the player below in case you would like to update that old cd-r that's been in your car's glove compartment for years...

Danger Mouse

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