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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

EELS - Peach Blossom

A few short weeks ago the Eels announced that they would be releasing their 10th studio album sometime early next year. Well today we have our first offering off of the new album in the form of "Peach Blossom". And in typical Eels form, this new song is as bizarre as it is beautiful. Much like the peach blossom that blooms at the first signs of spring, starting off as an ugly seed that somewhat resembles a shaven scrotum only to bloom into a lovely and succulent fruit to be enjoyed by all, the new single is planting a little seedling of joy in our ears that will blossom in just a few short months. So give the new tune a listen and get it for free when you preorder Wonderful Glorious which is due out February 5, 2013.

EELS - Peach Blossom by Vagrant Records

Wonderful, Glorious (Deluxe Edition) - Eels

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