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Monday, November 19, 2012

Rancid - F*ck You

Just a week or so after fellow punk rockers Bad Religion released their version of the middle finger to whoever they felt like pointing it at, No Cal punk rockers Rancid decided to release their own version of the ultimate punk title with their new single "Fuck You". Now I know a lot of you may be getting excited thinking that this is the first single off of a new album to follow up 2009's Let The Dominoes Fall, but unfortunately it is not. The good news is that it is off of Pirate Press' new compilation album Oi! This Is Street Punk, Volume Two which features 12 new punk songs performed by twelve bands on a 12" vinyl that will be released on December 12th. Oh and the cost of this great compilation album? You guessed it, $12.12. If you think all of that is merely a coincidence, well you are sorely mistaken. Listen to the new track below and check out the entire album which is currently streaming for free over at Pirate Press Records...

Oi! This Is Street Punk, Volume Two

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