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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Green Day Streams New Album ¡Tré!

So if the first and second albums weren't satisfying enough to quench your thirst for some good old fashioned Green Day, the guys have one final installment to hopefully put out the punk rock fire that has been burning inside of you. With their final album in the trio they promised to release this year, ¡Tré! finally hits the internet today for all to listen to in its entirety for free. The album, which is streaming over at iHeartRadio, takes more of a look back on what Green Day has accomplished as a band. As Billie Joe told iHeartRadio: “One is just classic Green Day sound. The second record, ¡Dos!, is more of a sort of a garage-rock kind of party record. And then the third record is more reflective on this epic scale… it’s kind of like the Twilight series... but good.” So head on over to iHeartRadio and get your fix before the album comes out next Tuesday, December 11th...

Here's "The Forgotten", the final song from the trio of albums that seems to sum it all up pretty nicely.

¡Tré! - Green Day
Uno . . . Dos . . . Tré! - Green Day

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