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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rewind Youtube Style 2012

So what happens when you take all of the top trending videos on youtube and mash them up with two of the most annoying songs of the year? Well you get "Rewind Youtube Style 2012" of course. Apparently I don't watch enough youtube because I couldn't even identify half of the references in the video. If you would like to catch up on what you missed though, you can watch the video then head over to youtube rewind and see which videos captivated or just plain annoyed the world this year...

If you are curious the list below names most of the videos for you.

Walk off the Earth -
AlphaCat -
KassemG -
DailyGrace -
MysteryGuitarMan -
DaveDays -
DeStorm -
PyroBooby -
BarelyPolitical -
RealAnnoyingOrange -
FreddieW -
CorridorDigital -
RhettAndLink -
Smosh -
FeliciaDay -
ChesterSee -
iJustine -
EpicMealTime -
MyHarto -
JennaMarbles -
ShitGirlsSay -
JuicyStar07 -
GloZell -
ClevverTV -
SmoshGames -
HuskyStarcraft -
RyanHiga -
and more...

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