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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Psychic Friend - Once A Servant

What a great song here from Psychic Friend that I only just came across earlier today. And why wouldn't it be great, because after a little digging I found out that Psychic Friend is actually a side project of Will Schwartz. Who's Will Schwartz you might ask? How about we play a little game of six degrees of Kevin Bacon to figure out this interesting chain of musical prowess. First let's start at the beginning with Will Schwartz and Psychic Friend. Will is also the member of the San Francisco based indie pop group Imperial Teen who had hit songs in the past such as "Yoo Hoo" which was featured on the soundtrack to the 90's highschool dramady Jawbreaker which starred Rose McGowan. Rose appeared in the 90's comedy Bio-Dome alongside Stephen Baldwin who played criminal Michael McManus in The Usual Suspects which also featured Kevin Spacey. Spacey went on to star with Brad Pitt in the mysterious thriller Se7en who just so happened to be in Sleepers with the one and only Kevin Bacon. Not too shabby huh? In short though, you should honestly check out "Once A Servant" below and grab the album My Rocks Are Dreams which will be out February 12th...

Psychic Friend