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Thursday, February 7, 2013

American Hi-Fi - Flavor Of The Weak

Here's a blast from the past that came up on an old playlist this past weekend that is always good for a listen. This song was always a constant staple for just about any playlist you were putting together and even if you didn't know all the words, you were sure to hear everyone yell out "Nintendo" in unison every time the chorus hit. Out of Los Angeles, these pop punkers hit the music scene around 2000 and 'Flavor Of The Weak" was played just about everywhere you went. And really what's not to like about it, with it's catchy beat, stoner lyrics and laid back rock style it was bound to be a hit the second it came out. Always loved the play on words in the title with the spelling of weak implying that the guy is kind of a player who doesn't care about his bitty and she's too insecure to realize otherwise. Fun fact about American Hi-Fi that I just learned is that three quarters of their band actually play the instruments for Miley Cyrus' band. Doesn't really have anything to do with this song, but the next time it comes on you can impress some girl you like by telling her that. I mean, what girl doesn't get horny when she hears Miley Cyrus trivia?

American Hi-Fi - American Hi-Fi

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