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Friday, February 8, 2013

Billy Talent - Stand Up And Run (Official Music Video)

I remember about five years ago I heard "Fallen Leaves" from Billy Talent playing on the radio and immediately went out and grabbed his Billy Talent II album. After listening to the album, which had quite a few other good songs on it, I figured that I would be hearing more from Billy in the very near future (not on a personal level, but more or less from hearing more of his songs on the radio). For some reason though, Billy completely fell of my radar and I kind of forgot about him. Luckily for me, I came across this new video that BT just released off of their 2012 album Dead Silence and remembered all over again why I was so drawn to Billy's music in the first place. "Stand Up And Run" has kind of a toned down vibe than from what I remember from earlier stuff, but still just as enjoyable to listen to when I first came across it. Looks like I will have a new album to purchase and listen to real soon...

Dead Silence - Billy Talent
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  1. Billy Talent is one of my favourite bands, and Dead Silence was maybe my fave CD of 2012. Check out the video for "Viking Death March."

  2. Nice. Will definitely check it out along with the new album