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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Is Tropical - Yellow Teeth

With all of the seemingly come and go one and done bands that the internet has spawned over the years, you often find yourself wondering when your next favorite band of the week might just completely disappear off the face of the earth and never be heard from again. Now I'm not bundling Is Tropical in with that ever-growing list, but every time a band releases their first single off of their follow up effort to a fairly successful first album, the thought definitely crosses your mind. Luckily for us though, Is Tropical released their first single "Yellow Teeth" that will be on their forthcoming sophomore album, and while the style has changed up slightly, the song leaves you with the promise that these electro-pop rockers haven't missed a beat. Look for the new album I'm Leaving to be released on May 20th...

Is Tropical

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