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Monday, March 4, 2013

Jinja Safari - Errol Flynn

With Spring just around the corner and warm weather memories not seeming so distant, some new music to get us in the right frame of mind seems only appropriate. So to get that new playlist kicked off in the right direction comes a slightly older track that only recently came up on my radar, but fits the bill perfectly when it comes to a tropical beach-going vibe. I'm talking about Australia's own Jinja Safari and their dreamy folk pop tune "Errol Flynn". With it's undeniably catchy beat, imaginative lyrics and transcendent style, this song manages to hit your senses on all cylinders and kicks your eardrums into overdrive by the time the song is over. And just in case you think Jinja Safari are a one and done type of band, check out a few more of their songs below and see for yourself that this is not the case at all...

Locked By Land - Jinja Safari
Jinja Safari

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