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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines (ft. T.I., Pharrell) Music Video

With his new visuals for "Blurred Lines", Robin Thicke proved a couple of things. First is that he really knows how to make a catchy tune that is gonna be stuck in your head for days. Second is that he shows you can make any situation look a hundred times more fun if you add 3 half naked hot girls and a little bit of booze. Honestly, the whole video couldn't be any simpler, yet you know after watching it you immediately wish that you were there partying with them in that plain white room. It really does play out like some bizarre 70's English swinger party though. Like Austin Powers meets every rap cliche you could think of, but with a catchy beat and slightly better dancing. Regardless, the song is pretty easy to listen to over and over, and the brunette chick in the video has spectacular boobies, making it all that much easier to hit the replay button...

And if you were thinking to yourself, where can I find the unrated version of "Blurred Lines"? Well look no further than below. That is if you enjoy looking at spectacular boobies bouncing around to the beat of this song.

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