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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hockey - Wild Style

When Hockey's Mind Chaos album came out in 2009, I was completely blown away with the unique sound this duo out of Portland created. It was this incredible blend of cutting-edge modern day indie rock along with the few good things that existed in 80's rock music. So inytiguing to my ears in fact that I listened to that album for a good two years straight like it was new everytime. To be honest I still listen to that album quite often, but after a couple of years I was expecting Hockey to come out with some new material. And when it was announced earlier this year that they would be releasing a new album, the first couple of songs I heard off of said album were kind of a letdown. There were hardly any remnants of that sound I initially fell in love with, and more of this experimental sound that was just a little more out there than I normally listen to. But now with Hockey's latest single "Wild Style", that creativity and addictiveness I first came across when I discovered their music slowly came back. Just this chill tune that you can unwind and relax to and listen on repeat for hours on end. Stream it yourself below and look for the forthcoming album Wyeth IS due out May 7th...

The band did release this open letter on their website explaining the change in sound and lack of music released over the last few years.

So Check it OUT:
Jerm and I were talking last night, and realized we wanted to try and craft an open letter to anyone out there who’s been following us, or might be interested to find out the (behind the scenes) DEAL. Here’s the story: It took us a long time to make this album. And it sounds different. We were freaking out trying to please everyone. Meet expectations. Our label and management at the time wanted a specific commercial sound from us. But every time we tried to deliver it we ended up stumbling upon new vibes and approaches that were actually alive and exciting to us. What can be done? Btwn 2010 and 2012 we continued to favor these unproven songs and methods, and saw it through to our version of the end. It’s on this album. Wyeth IS… This time around we’re on our own with it all, so if you’re feeling it, buying the album or passing the music on to friends etc would be very much appreciated…
Though it hasn’t been in our nature to be the most outspoken group on social media, Ur support over the years has really meant a lot ! ! Side note; We’re getting more into this communication BOOM:
… Can’t say where our music will go in the future, but for now we’re exited to share something that, take it or leave it, is REAL. Thanks !!!!

Wild Style by Hockey the band

And below are two other songs previously released from Wyeth Is.

Hockey - Defeat on the Double Bass Line by Hockey the band

Calling Back.mp3 by Hockey the band

Wild Style - Single - Hockey

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