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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Opus - Live Is Life

Just finished watching the 80's themed movie Take Me Home Tonight for the first time, and I gotta say it was surprisingly good. What wasn't surprising though was how great the soundtrack to this movie was. From the opening scene with The Buggles "Video Killed The Radio Star" playing in the background, you just knew that it was gonna be chock full of great 80's tunes. "Live Is Life" by Austrian pop rockers Opus was a true blast from the past that had been long forgotten by me, and when it started playing during the final credits, I couldn't help but clap and sing along. Just such a fun and catchy song with a simple yet uplifting message that can easily be forgotten in day to day life...

Live Is Life - Single - Opus
Take Me Home Tonight (Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Take Me Home Tonight

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