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Friday, May 10, 2013

The Airplanes - A Summer Daydream Part 1 (Infiniti Unravel Commercial)

This new Infiniiti commercial for their JX model entitled "Unravel" keeps popping up on the television, and every single time it does I find myself humming along to the song in the background without realizing that I don't even know who sang that catchy tune. After a little research it turns out the track is by The Airplanes and is called "A Summer Daydream Part 1". And even more so, the tune is ten times better than the little snippet from the commercial would ever lead you to believe. The song plays out like a lo-fi mix of Neutral Milk Hotel meets The Shins with a little folksy twang splashed in, and really makes for the perfect addition to your always expanding summer soundtrack. The Airplanes are an indie rock band out Arkansas comprised of just one member, Joshua Vest who does all of the writing and recording himself. Great summer jam which you can download for free through the soundcloud player below...

I highly recommend checking out The Airplanes soundcloud page too, as each song amazingly keeps getting better than the previous and most are available as free downloads. Here are just a few I came across.

Big Star 45s by The Airplanes

Jingle Jangle by The Airplanes

The Airplanes
The Airplanes