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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Augustines - Cruel City (Official Music Video)

New visuals just came for Augustines first single "Cruel City" that will appear on their forthcoming sophomore album. And while the video is nothing special, kind of a day in the life type deal, the new track is anything but. Since it so often seems that bands go downhill for their second album and put out sort of a half-assed, safe version of their music after they experience a little bit of popularity, this trio out of Seattle have seemingly taken the higer road and knocked this one out of the park. Featuring swooning melodies and a beat that will make you get out of your seat, this new tune is all too easy to leave on loop and listen to for hours on end. Makes you curious as to what their new self-titled album AUGUSTINES, which is due out January 21st, is going to put forth. Stream the new video and tune below, it will not disappoint.

Cruel City - Single - Augustines

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