Thursday, March 27, 2014

De La Soul - Smell The Da.I.S.Y (Free Mixtape Download)

For somewhat of a twist on Throwback Thursday comes some new music from some real originators in hip hop, De La Soul. It's hard to listen to any form of hip hop from the past 20 or so years without recognizing a little influence from the De La and their producer J. Dilla. The new mixtape "Smell The Da.I.S.Y (Da Inner Soul of Yancy)" features previously unreleased beats from the legendary producer along with some updated lyrics that bring back some classic memories. Oh yeah, did I mention De La Soul is releasing this album as a free download over at their website. So stream it below and add this one to your playlist just in time for the weekend...

Free Download
Smell The Da.I.S.Y

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