Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Farewell Flight - Scarecrow + Free Album Stream

There was a great thread on reddit last week in which users listed a song that they had only recently discovered but couldn't stop listening to. One user (AEIFFIE) took it one step further and decided to create a spotify playlist (link) with all of the suggestions that were listed in the thread. The result? Obvioulsy a playlist full of old and new music, some of which you may have heard and some of which you probably would have never heard otherwise, emerged. So while I have been slowly listening to the list and finding a bunch of new music, this morning one song in particular really stood out to me. That was "Scarecrow" by Farewell Flight. The song started off as a chill folksy tune with a sort of Mumford & Sons vibe to it, but then blossomed into a full on rock track that seemingly reminds me of some early Foo Fighters tracks for some odd reason or another. Regardless, the track really is one that will now be on repeat for most of the foreseeable future. Best of all, Farewell Flight just released their new album I Was A Ghost just a few weeks ago which includes "Scarecrow" on it. So now it looks like I have even more new music to listen to. Stream it below and check out an acoustic version of this track they did for Balcony TV...

Had a chance to listen to the album as I was writing this and suggest you do the same. It won't disappoint.

Scarecrow - I Was a Ghost
I Was a Ghost - Farewell Flight

Farewell Flight

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